A new day

So it's early morning on Thursday and I think I got some much needed sleep last night. The baby only woke up at 4:30 and Eric gave her a bottle. He found that she has 3 new teeth in the back that came thru so maybe that is what was bothering her (who knows with this little one).

Today is my day for cleaning and catching up on my desk papers and homeschooling stuff. I have my moms helpers coming over at 9:30 - 3. It's such a big help and they are such great kids. My kids love them.

My cousin and her three LO"s will be stopping by later this afternoon on their way to camp.

I am going to try to get my roots dyed while I have some "alone" time...lol...

Decided over the last week or two that our school year will be busy with lessons, meet ups and activities so Eric and I walked and I am cutting back on my computer time which means I stepped down from MLM as a discussion leader. Kinda sad about it, but something had to give.

Final prep work for the big Lego Birthday party this weekend....well gonna go drink a cup of tea before the crew is up....Morning all!


melismama said…
Oh and started my Christmas shopping at barnes & noble on line...Great children's book sale going on!

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