Having one of those days....

So being sick and a mom of three LO's does not mesh too well. Obviously they don't realize that I am dragging my butt around, coughing, feverish etc...but they continue to be "them". Molly has had a major day pooping. We know she has Encopresis although not clinically diagnosed. She holds in her poop for days on end, until I either have to give her an enema or we give her Mirlax and then it's an entire day of small poops ALL DAY LONG...it's been one of those days...She just potty trained a week ago and I am so proud of her, only 1 accident. However she has only really pooped 1 time on her own in the potty, the rest have been a serious of soiling her underwear a little bit and then trying to go (typical of enco). This is sooo time consuming and exhausting. Today her belly was so big and she was in pain, I had to give her an enema, of course during this 1 hour ordeal the baby wakes up and is screaming...I am at my wits end today and just want to go into the bathroom and shut the door and not come out.

It's been a rainy day so no outside and the kids really need it, although the humidity is so high you can cut it with a knife. So outside might not have been a good idea anyway.

I found Samantha (1 yr old) standing on top of the breakfast bar today playing with the pots and pans hanging from the ceiling...all in a matter of me going to the bathroom for 30 seconds...sigh.... So now that I am in the throws of my own pity party...how is everyone elses day going?


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