Lego & Goldfish Birthday partiy

We celebrated all three children's birthday's this past weekend with all our family and friends. Molly and Zachary had a Lego theme (as they are Lego maniacs) and Sammie had a goldfish theme!
Here are some pictures:

These was a race with the parents and kids...put Lego bricks on a spoon and transfer them to the parent, walk back to the finish line..Winner received a Lego T Shirt from the Grand Opening in NYC>

The Lego Cake for Molly and Z.

Goldfish Cake

Creation Station set up for the kids to build. We also had a contest later in this area...timed...who could pick up the most Legos in a minute using chopsticks!

Used a Lego Poster and modified it for Zachary!

We had this made up from vistaprint.

We have TONS of these bags, used them all over the yard!

We had a station set up for coloring for the younger kids....Lego Pictures of course.

The shirts they won

I forgot to take a picture of the favors, but they were clear bags with stickers on them of Lego guys and lose bricks inside with a tips and tricks card from the Lego Store. 

Everyone swam after the games!  great time!


melismama said…
1st picture is a game I had the kids play...pick up as many Legos as you can using Chopsticks...not as easy as one would think.

2nd picture - all the kids in the pool...

3rd - The Lego Cake

4th - Samantha's Fish Cake
Looks like a blast! Love that lego cake!

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