The whining has to stop!

My 3 yr old daughter, Molly, just has this thing for crying and whining all the time. She is in a "mood" today and It's going right thru me this morning and it's only 8:30 am! Lord help me get thru the day! Last night at swimming she hurt her foot on the bathroom door at the school and it's a little deeper cut than I would like to see. (not that I want her to have any cut)...I will keep an eye on it.

Think we will have to do a "clean out" with Molly today..she has not pooped in 3 days 8( one reason she is cranky as well.

Kids are going a little stir crazy as we really have not been anywhere in almost 3 weeks, due to the potty training and me being sick.

Looking forward to getting away next week!


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