Catch up schoolroom pics inside!

Man there is so much to catch up on. Seems our week was sooo busy I hardly had quality time to blog anything good! 8)

Well this week we had a farewell playdate with friends (one friend and kids are moving about 2 hours away), we hosted a pizza party with friends and had some good outside fun! We a few weeks left until school starts for us (Sept. 7th) and we have a lot to do before that to end our Summer fun!

1st here is our school schedule that I finally finished up:

Zachary - 1st and 2nd grade work schedule:

Mondays - Math, Spelling, Reading, Writing, Social Studies and Phys Ed
Tuesdays - Reading, writing, science, art and phys ed
Wednesday - We have Fall HS Camp for 8 weeks (which has science, phys ed and other subject incorporated into it) plus reading, writing, health
Thursday - Reading, writing, science, music and phys ed
Friday - sign langl, math, spelling, reading, writing, s. studies and phys ed
Saturday - reading and writing and phys ed

We school 6 days a week (probably 7 honestly) so we can shorten our hours per day and still get in our 900 hours per year.

Also library 1 time a week (maybe more), field trips and playdates. We incorporate a lot of subjects into 1 activity. Reading, writing and spelling will be 1 actual worksheet or activity, so it seems like a lot but really it's not.

Here is a picture of those painting containers from Discount School Supply I was telling you all about. They are great!

I see that Staples has their penny sales this week on notebooks and more. We have a good amount of stuff to start off with but I can't resist those sales! I also was able to find some great stuff at our Dollar Tree yesterday. A whole packet of Story Starters which are great and a variety of Folder Games...which are similar to board games but they are all in a folder...similar to lapbooking. Can't beat it for a $ 1.

Hubby is out looking for a new (or additional) vehicle. His car is only 4 years old and has over 160,000 miles on it 8( He drives far to work every day.

I am going to post also pictures of the new school room design I just got done with...

Ok so this week the kids have dentist appts, it's hubby's birthday on Tuesday, Oh and Molly is featured (Tuesday) on the Potty Poloza for see her on Tuesday on the site! Read her potty training success story....well I gotta run and catch up on other back later!

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Your schoolroom is lovely! I'm so impressed with your photos too. Your sweet kids are adorable! I'm so happy that you joined us on Stone Soup! Bless you in your endeavors!
D and A said…
Your school area looks great! Sounds like you are ready. I like the idea of shorter days.

I am following back,
Amy @ Missional Mama
From Hip Homeschool Hop
AmyBarkerPhoto said…
Love your school area!!! We're getting that globe..a friend is sending it to us, cause her grandson no longer uses it!
Have a great school year!

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