Kids have a renewed Love for school now...

So today was our annual trip to the Ikea store (about an hour away from us). Every year I have this vision of such an organized house/school and every year I gain some knowledge about what it really means to be organized. 8) So today one of the "finds" at Ikea was this art easel. Wooden with a chalkboard on 1 side and a white board on the other. Has a nice size tray and a bar that you put a roll of paper on (which we bought also). The easel was ONLY $ 14.99! It's a real good size. So it sat put together for about a hour in our school room/playroom. Then Molly asked if she could use the white board and draw...sure...then Zachary came in and wanted to check it out....within an hour we were all around this easel and I was giving them "Challenges" on the white board. For Zachary it was math problems and spelling...for Molly it was shapes and patterns..threw in a couple of letters and numbers also.

They were SO excited that when I had to stop to fix Eric dinner (he got home real late tonight) they were mad at me and yelling. Then I heard Zachary giving Molly "challenges" on the board.

It was time for showers and wash up and they were again hope this mood lasts a forward to using it a lot this year!

I hope everyone had a great day.


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