School Supplies & the Dentist and Random Acts of Kindness

So today, as some of you might have read this morning in the blog, was the 6 month trip to the dentist for all three little ones. Zachary did great, Molly did great...the baby, Sammie, not so great. Although she got her teeth cleaned and examined, she did cry a lot.

After that we went to the mall to get school supplies for us and we decided this year to buy supplies for a fellow homeschooling family in another state that we found out is in real need of supplies and books. They are really struggling and want to continue to school their kids, so we set a budget and bought them an entire BOX full of supplies we are sending out tomorrow! Helps my kids understand random acts of kindness also.

Here is a picture of the dentist and the supplies I bought for our kids for $ 10!


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