Busy day here all..found two more websites that I love for homeschooling: They have an Educator section which is GREAT! great site!

Kids had a busy day, real hot here also. Molly and I replanted some tomatoes that were just getting out of control. They kids had a bowling b'day party to attend at 4 and loved that.

I found out that old family friends from Scotland are here in the US and will be using the RV campsite that is only 1/4 of a mile from my home. We are having them over for Friday dinner...SO EXCITED

So now time to go downstairs and spend a few hours with the hubby!

Night night all!


melismama said…
HI kelli, welcome and I am so glad you found me! It's always great to meet new HS! Good luck with your homeschooling and please let's use each other as a sounding board! I would love to have another partner to kick things around with!

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