1st Field Trip of the school year..Bronx Zoo

So last week had it's highs and very lows for school. This week I decided to throw a field trip in there for some variety. We went to the Bronx Zoo for the morning. We try to go once a week one the weather gets cooler. Kids had fun..we learned SO much today. The crowds are all gone since kids are back in school! Kids are already asking to go back...next week I told them!

We also got a great surprise in the mail...our package from the Book Samaritan came today! They are an organization that helps our homeschoolers with curriculum and books. Helps alot when you have three little onces homeschooling...The cost is nothing but a stamp on the envelope to request your books....see picture as to what we all got. The kids are excited!


The Adventurer said…
Love the zoo pictures. We have one scheduled next week. :)
Joy said…
Looks like you all had a wonderful time at the zoo! Praying your 2nd week is better. I know my week will get better! Thanks for stopping by!
Lisa said…
I love the Zoo in the fall. I can't think of a better field trip. :)

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