Finding our groove....week 3

So we start week 3 of our school year today...its a gloomy Monday. I am trying hard to learn to be flexible with the kids, taking ques from them. Zachary seems to be hot and cold when it comes to "book work"...somedays he begs for more...other days I can't get him to write his name even. I am finding it challenging to keep Sammie busy, at 16 months all she wants to do is "be" with us at he table (she is a climber). Molly seems real content with crafts, worksheets and consistently does her work.

We have our Co Op (1st one) "Homeschool Fall Camp" starting this Wed. The kick off is a carnival. I am providing three games, prizes and set up for the carnival. They are going to have pony rides, cotton candy, popcorn, playtime and more. This camp runs for 8 weeks, cost was $ 150, which I did not think was bad and that was for as many children as you have coming.

We also start soccer this weekend for Zachary and Molly. My hubby is coaching Zachary's team, however, we will miss the 1st game due to the fact that I am taking the kids camping on Friday - Sunday up north of here.

So starting off week 3, I think we will find time for the library this week...hoping some quality outdoor play if the weather holds out...a playdate or two...then packing for camping!

Hope everyone has a great day!


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