Friday Fun Day

So the week is winding down, but the weekend is just getting going. We have a playdate today with a potluck lunch! Kids are anxious to get out and run! Soccer games are on hold this weekend due to it being Homecoming weekend in our town. We have a 1st b'day party for good friend's child, apple picking and shopping to do!

I went to a Pampered Chef party last night and finally broke down and bought the apple peeler with the stand! I can't wait to crank out the apple pies, apple crisp and more!

I pray everyone has a wonderful weekend filled with sunshine, love and joy!


Robin said…
Enjoy your potluck! That sounds like fun!
musicalmary said…
yes, we were separated at birth, because I have the PC apple peeler/corer and LOVE to use it! I think we're doing an apple FIAR story next week, so I may have to get it out. It is 90 degrees here today, though - just doesn't feel like baking weather to me!

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