"C" is for.....

This week (week 3) of school - the letter of the week is letter "C". I try to concentrate on the letter..use it as much as possible with words and objects...today I decided to kick it up a level...brought the kids to Chuck E Cheese Pizza. We have not been since the Spring and they love it there. Since regular school is back in session..we had the place to ourselves for 2 hours! LOVED IT...felt like we won a prize or something. Kids ran around, played games, actually learned a few things (1. The bat is the only mammal that flies and 2. Lobsters have teeth in their stomach.) Ate all the pizza in front of them and ice cream. Cashed in their tickets from the games and got some little trinkets. Never complained, cried or fought. Loved it.

I have a dentist appt later...then Friends of the Library monthly meeting...so I better get cracking...TTFN


Tracy said…
Hi Melissa! This looks like a fun trip for your "C" week!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

Have a great week!

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