Sad 8(

Well I am very surprised and disappointed I had not 1 blogger visit me today on the follow me Chickadee Blog Hop. I left over 10 nice messages for others... 8(

Anyway, this last 1/2 of the week has been a challenge needless to say. The kids have been horrible. School has been less than what I wanted it to be Wed - Fri. We did have a great ice cream social today at the house with friends, so that was good.

I am preparing for a Labor Day get together for tomorrow. About 7 other families coming over to celebrate the weekend, bonfire and fireworks. Should be fun...

Just wish I had some comments to make me cheer up..oh well...just 1 for the Pitty party I

Enjoy the weekend all and be safe!


Joy said…
awwww...Well I didn't stop by, but I do enjoy reading your posts! I have just been away from the computer most of the day!! Praying you have a blessed weekend with your family and friends!
Tracy said…
Sorry to hear that you had a rough week. I will pray for you.
musicalmary said…
Next week you start over again, which is the great thing about homeschooling, I hope you have a restful weekend!
Erin said…
Sorry no one came by and that it was a rough week. Just think next week is a fresh start!

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