W.O.W. = Watch Out Wednesday! In our home it just feels like Wednesday gets the short end of the stick. The kids seem restless to explore something, anything...missing friends....hungry all day for some reason. I always tell my hubbie (or sometimes anyway) to Watch Out when he comes home...lol...Thursday and Friday they are ramping up for the weekend when daddy is home...so poor Wednesday, nothing special for you...

Today we had school in the a.m. then went to a b'day party for a good friend. Kids had fun!

Started back on my better eating habits today also. Figures the pizza and cupcakes were staring me in the face at the party...however, I used all my will power and waited to make a small salad and pickle (from yesterday's farmers market trip) for lunch! Hubby and I agree we need to stop eating large portions and CONTROL!

I HAVE to do something. Working out has go by the wayside now that we are (I am )busy with lesson plans, field trips etc (I know I could find time at night or 4:30 a.m. but I am so tired by night fall)...so I have to just cut out the white breads etc and watch my portions....ok, gotta run!


Beautiful blog..Enjoy nature.

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