Science Today = Making Halloween Soap

So for Science today we decided to make our Halloween Soap. I have had the supplies for a few weeks and thanks to another blog (sorry I can't remember who) we got this great idea.

We went to the local Dollar Tree and bought the silicone molds (they are really ice cub molds but worked great). We went to Michael's and got the glycieron chunk and colors. It was easy to do. Melting it took less than a minute, added the coloring, poured and waited for them to be hard (40 mins or so). Popped them out and there you have it. We did not do scents this time, but will next time. They are cute and will be a great addition to the bathroom counter!

We had some extra and poured that into silicone cupcake holders and made bigger soaps for the grandmas for a little gift when we see them! You could do any holiday, theme etc...sooo easy!


Tracy said…
Hi Melis!
This looks like fun!

I have given your blog the Sweet Blog Award and "tagged" you!

Click here for more info:

Hope you are having a great week!
Tracy at "A Slice of Smith Life"
Aunt B said…
Thank you for the idea. I tutor children and they love crafts. I think I'll try this one. The kids will love it.
AmyBarkerPhoto said…
WOW thanks for the idea! I'm going to try doing this with my kiddos. We're moving next weekend, so hopefully we can get settled enough to make them for the new house before Halloween! They look like a lot of fun!
Lisa said…
They look great! We've used candy molds for this and they work great too. Love the pumpkins! :)
How fun, Melissa! We may have to do this if I can find some molds. Thanks for sharing!

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