Thankful Thursday - whatcha thankful for?

Thursday has rolled around again....just sitting here thinking I am so thankful my kiddies are still in bed (it's only 6:15 am but with them one only knows) and drinking my cup of tea having some quiet time.

Thankful Fall is here! Pumpkins have been harvested...apples have been are healthy.....marriage is strong....God is in control!

Whatcha thankful for?


Emily said…
Hi! I'm thankful for non-rainy days (which we haven't had at all this week), sunshine, the smell of leaves on the ground. I'm also thankful for salvation through Jesus, my husband and kids! I could go on. :) Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
I am thankful for the transformation in my life that God has allowed. I am thankful for my husband, and that I am able to homeschool my daughter. OH, and I'm with you on the quiet time. Very thankful for those moments :)

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