Crazy Week - projects

It's been a real crazy week here. I have been battling a nasty head cold, tooth ache (getting that fixed tomorrow) and the kids have been "off". We have been relaxed in our studies and housework. However, I have managed to finish up two projects that I found over at The Inspired Room. Melissa works magic over there and if you are a home decorator or a wanta be, go there and check it out!

Project number 1 - create a framed chalkboard that I could use for parties. For posting the menu, a message, a theme, the possibilites are endless! It turned out cute. The original one that Melissa, over at The Inspired Room had posted was one she hung on her refrig. We already have one in our kitchen so I decided to make it and use it in a slightly different way. The picture you see is as it sits on an easel on our bar in the family room.

I bought a frame at Michael's craft store, using a coupon of course. It was $ 5.00. Then my hubby cut a piece of board for me, thin one. I painted the board with chalkboard paint (we had it already from another project and a little goes a long way) and then framed it again (minus the glass). I used chalkboard markers (my new best friend - see below picture) and there you have it...a new menu board for $ 5.00! The possibilities with this are vast!

Project number 2 (another chalkboard type one - also inspired by The Inspired Room) Bought 6 charger plates (2 for # 3 at AC Moore), some black primer spray paint (Used a 40% off coupon for this so it was
$ 5.00). I sprayed the chargers with the primer and let that sit overnight. Then I painted the chargers with two coats of the same chalkboard paint I used for project number 1. Let them dry....used my chalkboard markers to write Let It Snow and there you have it. So cute and soooo cheap! They wipe clean and I can change the theme anytime I want to. Here is one I did this morning to show you along with the chalkboard paint pens!

Go get inspired over at The Inspired Room! Tell Melissa, I said HI!


Anonymous said…
oo feel better!! Love the projects! They both turned out super cute1
musicalmary said…
I like what you did! I need to look at The Inspired Room!

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