My 3 Little Givers

Yesterday we went to our local Post Office and made our donation to the Toys for Tots. I like to do this around Thanksgiving each year in conjunction with our lesson on giving back and being thankful for what God has provided for us. Two of the post ladies were kind enough to come on out from behind their post and take pictures with the kids and watch them make their donation. Even little Sammie was able to push her gift into the box. We talked about why we do this each year and how they are so blessed to have all they have. The kids donated without hesitation! Proud of them!


Anonymous said…
oo such a wonderful way to remember the meaning of Thanksgiving and bless people at Christmas :-)
Kristin said…
Great idea! Love that you have kids in ages spaced out like mine. Makes life so much more fun and I appreciate it so much more!
Thanks for visiting Sweet Country Life!
Love, Kristin
melanie said…
Oh how sweet!! What a fabulous way to teach your children. We're working on giving in our home right now too. :)

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