Our Week Wrap Up & Mayflower Voyage Game

We have had a busy week around the Newell home.

We have learned about giving to those less fortunate than ourselves with our Toys for Tots Donation. We dropped off our letters to Santa at the Macy's BELIEVE Center. Learned about the Pilgrim voyage from England to the new world. How the 1st Thanksgiving was celebrated and why. Learned a lot about Penguins at the Bronx Zoo this week. Shopped for our thanksgiving feast. Linked up with The Homeschool Village for their Thankful Panel messages! And it's only Friday! I am tired just recapping it all...lol....

This is a cute game that I found on line (Scholastic I think) that teaches the kids about the voyage of the Mayflower and what was endured. The kids loved it!

This weekend we are furniture shopping (again). Praying we find something we like! Enjoy your weekend and I will be back on Monday!


Lindsay said…
What a great week! I love that mayflower game!
Thanks for posting this game idea! I just printed it. :) And it really does sound like you've had a great week. :)

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