Thanksgiving Teachings - having FUN with it!

This morning in school we learned about The Mayflower Voyagers (Pilgrims) and the hardship they endured to find a new world, free of prosecution from religion. Such a heavy subject to teach a 1st grader and pre-schoolers. I found out how to make it fun and exciting for them. I used the DVD A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving - it has a special feature movie on the DVD called The Mayflower Voyagers.

It was a great way to teach them simply about the voage and what they went through and still being fun for them. Plus they were allowed to watch "TV" (dvd) during "non TV"

Then we baked a muffin, something that maybe the Pilgrims might have made. Apple Pumpkin Muffins. YUMMO - made them mini!

After lunch time we will have a quick oral quiz on the movie and then start our book work.

Feeling very under the weather today with the start of a nasty head cold. But seeing their faces light up with joy when we cook and do something out of the norm, makes it all better!

Going to craft with them today also....I will post our finished project later!


My son saw that movie in school and I was shocked later how much he learned! Apple pumpkin muffins sound delicious... :-)

Thanks for you sweet comments and encouragement!! Can't wait to see your project :-)
Anonymous said…
What a fun way to learn about the Mayflower! Those muffins look delicious!

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