December Schooling - Penguins, Trees, North Pole and more....

We are continuing our December topics this week and then taking a few weeks off from our "normal" schedule.  Probably only doing crafts, reading and some fun activities until the New year.

So we are still studying Penguins. I subscribe to the Scholastic magazines and today, low and behold, our January packet arrived and it was all about penguins. Opened it up quickly and we started right in.  

We are also talking a little about the North Pole (as a geographic area, not really talking much about it being Santa's house).  Read Harold and the North Pole today. Kids laughed a lot thru it!

Our craft of the day is a great and easy one!  We made Christmas Trees and decorated them using three different size green hearts that I cut out. I found it in my Mailbox magazine (an old one).  Kids loved it and used their bingo daubers to decorate it also.

I also downloaded the Baby Gingerbread Lapbook from Currclick!  I love them!  It turned out cute.  I did laminate everything so I can use if for my youngest when the time comes!

Put the Gingee guys in order of size

Cute puzzle cut out to put together.

Pattern practice.

She loved it. I love teaching preschool age!

We will continue with penguins this week, more crafts and fun fun fun!

When do you take a holiday break from school?


Jamie said…
Those trees are so cute and simple,love it!!!!Do you count these days as school days still???
We are going to take off a week or two starting next week BC hubby is on vacation then.
melismama said…
Hi jamie, thanks for stopping by, and so early too! Yes we do count these days as school days. Honestly, my kids are into legos, tinker toys, roll playing and art so much, every day could be considered a school day!
Emily said…
How cute and FUN! My boys aren't into crafting so much, but they do like Legos. My daughter is a crafter, so we do things together a lot. I love the tree and the gingerbread person they made! :)
Lindsay said…
oo how fun! Love the gingerbread activities! :-)
Joyce said…
I didn't know about the Harold book...will have to see if our library has it. The trees came out great.
Mozer said…
Love those trees! So cute!
what fun !! I just love crafts with little ones!

thanks for linking up to the Preschool Parade!!

merry christmas friend!!

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