Finally got our real tree

We have 7 artificial trees up in the house (I know a lot, but I love them) and this weekend we went out to get our real tree that the presents go under. We picked a great one, in my opinion!  The kids had a blast. Then we go drive around and look at the Christmas lights.  We headed over to a place called Spanktown Road and saw the ultimate display. We do it each year, but this year we hit the jackpot because when we got there we found out it was their Open House weekend. They invited us in, food, drinks...more decorations. It was much fun and just so nice to see people have the Christmas Spirit in their hearts!

Kids at the tree farm.

Family picture in front of OUR tree.

Spanktown road display. This is a private residence.

I think I counted 5 different nativity scenes.

What would a display be without Snoopy!

Looking down their driveway.

One of the Nativity scenes inside their home.

They have over 200 Santas in the living room.

This Santa sings and dances. 

Sharing some snacks with others.

This is their basement all set up for the open house. 

So much fun!  

What traditions do you have with your family?


Emily said…
That looks like such a fun time! Wow, those folks sure know how to decorate! Beautiful and fun! Your tree looks great, too! :)
Aimee said…
What fun! We have 2 artificial trees in our house. We have allergies and we just can't have the real ones inside anymore. I did get a real one for the front porch though.
Susannah said…
I love going to see Christmas lights, especially at private residences where people all out just for the fun of it.
Lindsay said…
oo can't wait to see the tree up! What a fun place to visit! I wish we had some good lights close by :(

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