Jackpot on Holiday Decorating on a Budget

Today the kids and I had to go to the post office, otherwise I would have stayed home since it's soooo cold here in NY.  After our postal journey, we went to the Salvation Army to "shop" around for some additional holiday decor.  We gave ourselves a "budget" of $ 20 to see what we could get for that.  The kids love when I give them a challenge like this. Zachary loves to add it all up in his head and tell me when to stop!

So I can't believe everything we purchased for $ 20 (and .97).  The bonus is that the money goes to the Salvation Army, which is a great organization!

Love all these finds...the Angel is for the girls' room, the Tin Santa is for the 1/2 bath, the snowman cup probably the kids bathroom....

The snowman jar is huge and I love it!  The Nutcracker is wooden and it was $ 1.49!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this fat Santa!  he was only $ 1.49 and has ceramic feet!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these old glass lights - they are going to go into that HUGE jar to your left! They were $ .89 and the jar was $ 2.00

So many awesome things!

These photoholders will make great placecard holders for my Christmas dinner...they are from Pier I and were NEW.  $ 1.49 each set of 3. They are metal.

Just fell in love with this plate that we will use for Santa's cookies. $ 1.29 and it's ceramic!

Little Penguin Trivet. $ 1.29!

Be sure to come on back on Friday and see what I did with it all!  


Lindsay said…
oo great finds!! I can't wait to see what you do with them all :-)
CAS said…
What terrific finds and how great to have included your children in the search. I want to thank you for becoming a follower & for your nice comments.
Alison said…
My kids love SalVal almost as much as I do and we were able to score a few Christmasy things there too. You made a great haul!

Can't wait for your cookie recipe on the link-up...mine's Monday so I've still got a bit of time to decide what to make.



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