See our home decor for the holidays Part 2

So if you read the post in the beginning of the week you will know that i went to our local Salvation Army and hit the jackpot with holiday decor on a budget!  I spend $ 20.97 and boy did I get a lot!  So I have spent a few hours here and there incorporating these items into our home holiday decor.  Here are the final (ok final unless I move them again for the 20th time...) pictures.  P.S. - Hubby is thinking a decorating intervention is in

The large jar and old fashion lights were some of the purchases. I stuck a cute Santa in there, put the lid on it and now he sits on top of a tall floor standing clock that I have in the entrance way.

The tin snowman..looks so cute on one of my shelves in the family room.

This picture has the large snowman jar that i purchased at the S.A. and the balls I got at the hardware store for a $ 1.00!

The Santa pictured is the new S.A. purchase. So cute with his ceramic feet! 

So this week was a painting week for me..I have been so inspired lately by others' blogs. So I redid the kids bathroom in snowmen and snowflakes. I painted the inside of the cabinet (thank you Nate Berkus for this suggestion!  The snowman tin is one of the S.A. purchases for $ .89

The jar with the Qtips in them is one of the purchases. This is in the kids bath now.  Along with a $ .69 canning jar with kosher salt in it for snow and a few other embellishments i had laying around.

I wanted to show this as i bought this large snowflake at the dollar store and printed off this subway art, framed it and there you have it. $ 1.00 and it looks great!

The Angel in the back (tall gal) was one of the S.A. purchases. This is in the girls' room.

My dining room buffet with a new arrangement. Hard to tell with the lighting but there are candle scattered throughout and the little tree has lights. Real cute arrangements.

This is one of the shelves in the above jelly cubbard that is on our buffet. The tree to the far right (tall one) was $ 1.00 (it';s a candle) from the S.A. 

There is that cute $ 2.49 nutcracker that I found at the S.A. 

As you can see my penguin trivet did not hold up too well. He broke in 1/2 today, I tried to glue, it's holding but i could not get it back together without a crack in it 8(

Had to sneak some of the kids gingerbread houses in there...still so impressed!

Well there you  have it...we get our big tree this Sunday after the church pageant. I will be decorating that on Sunday!  

Happy Friday everyone and enjoy the weekend!



Anonymous said…
Everything looks so good! Booo on the penguin trivet breaking :(
Emily said…
I love your decorations! Beautiful! My house is still not very decorated. :)

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