Take a peek inside our Home for the Holidays

I am about 85% finished with the home decorating. Our large live tree will not be put up for a few weeks yet. I have gotten so many great ideas and inspirations from so many other blogs, very talented women out there in blogland! I will try to link to them if I can find the links again. Enjoy our home for the holidays!

FAMILY ROOM: Very rustic look to it. Large leather couch and loveset. Dark colors. This is the room our large real tree will be in eventually. Fireplace is very large and the entire wall is brick. Can be hard to work with for decorating sometimes. Kept things simple and elements from outdoors are the focus.

Off to the right side of the fireplace is a large area, great for my garage sale find a few years ago $ 5.00 old kids sled.

A new nativity (thanks to my mom - early Christmas present). It resides on our bar in the family room next to the fireplace.

1/2 BATH: Our smaller bathroom off the family room. Big enough to fit an old side table from my old bedroom set.

KITCHEN: Kitchen bay window. Up until this morning, I had curtains in the windows, bored of them. Took them off, found new shades underneath! Cut some greenery from our front yard (nice price) and some ribbon with it. The BELEIVE sign was a free download at At Second Street: A creative blog and it's FREE. You just print and cut out!. The sign is from Red Letter Words (LOVE IT!) You can see two more Christmas trees on the upper deck thru the window. They are decorated with lights and some star garland.

MASTER BEDROOM: This is the 1 of many Christmas trees we have up already. The room is primiary brown and butterwhite. The room is very large, 26 feet by 14 feet and it's separated by furniture into a bed/dresser area and a sitting/casual area with my desk in it. Our tree has gold and silver and some amber on it. The nativity candles are from Dayspring (another early Christmas present) and I LOVE THEM! The tile sign is also from Dayspring and it's on a large wall on the sitting room side. I LOVE THIS ALSO!

PLAYROOM/SCHOOL ROOM/DINING ROOM: These pictures are in the children's playroom/school room. They have their own tree that they decorated (and Sammie seems to undecorate each day). Filled with ornaments they either made, made for them by someone else or special ornaments. The buffet is where we keep our school supplies. I really could do something great with this space, if I did not have to have our school stuff out. Really no other place for it. The large red plate is another lovely piece from Dayspring (obviously my new love). I am hoping where the Santa star is, that my hubby bought me a great piece from Dayspring that i want. See it here. Wouldn't that look great!

So that is some of our home. There is so many other things decorated, but I will save them for another post. I am getting beckoned by the kids now. Enjoy and have a great weekend everyone.


Judy said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. All of your Christmas decorations look great. I especially love that BELIEVE.
Judy said…
I also just became your latest follower. If you get a chance come follow me back at www.diybydesign.blogspot.com. Love your blog. Can't wait to look around some more.
Linda said…
I like your nativity...I still have the one your Mom hand painted for me probably over 20 years ago...I will have to take a picture and send to you. You home is beautiful. Thanks for sharing
Alison said…
Looks very festive and charming. Love all the signage!


melismama said…
Judy, thanks for stopping by. I love your blog!

Linda, I need a picture of that for sure!

THanks Alison!
musicalmary said…
I would like to come by and stay awhile. It looks so peaceful - you've done a great job! We almost finished our decorating this evening, after a traumatic experience with TONS of ant bites on my daughter today. She had to go to the doctor, get an antihistamine shot and is crashed out now. Poor thing -- needless to say I will still be decorating tomorrow!
Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your kitchen window; so many great ideas in that one space. I'm a Christian too. I joined your blog.

Hope your week is blessed & I hope you play with Shannon and I each week!
loved ur breakfast nook

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