WOW Check out these deals today! BIG SAVINGS

So I was really done with my Christmas shopping but AMAZON has amazing deals today on their site and so far everything i have found qualified for the super saving are some of the deals:

Older kids or dads:  this is over 70% savings marked from $ 129 to $ 31

Crayola Deals:

both qualify for super saving shipping   this is over 70% savings!   a 68% savings on this Crayola favorite!

Here are some awesome play-doh deals!   save 70% on this popcorn maker, less than $ 5.00
THis is the ELMO spin Playdoh set and is 70%  off  $ 5.49  another great set less than $ 5.00 and a savings of 70%

Both of these also qualify for SS shipping!

Educational Toys:   Leap Frog map for 50% off...less than $ 10  This interactive map is 76% off and you would pay only $ 10.99 it also has a companion map...see below!  this is the interactive map with world animals and it's 79% off!  This is such a great deal....75% off  only $ 4.99!

Again, these all qualify for SS Shipping!

Walmart has a great pink (girls) set of 400 Legos for $ 15.00 today!   AWESOME DEAL and $ .97 shipping

I hope you found something to add to your list...these are awesome deals and can't be missed!


Lindsay said…
wow those are so great deals!

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