1st Project of the year - Bench Re-do & Back to school

So today (so far) is going pretty good.  1/2 way thru the day and my goal to not yell at the kids is going great!  Molly had gym class at 9 am, so we were out of the house early. While she had her class, Zachary brought his work folder to the gym and got an hour of book work & reading finished!  His reading level amazes me!

When we got home, we made snowflakes for decorating the school room/playroom  - fun!

While the kids ate lunch I was dying to go to the garage to see if my bench re-do was dry enough to bring in.

 Back story - when we found the house we are in (little over 4 yrs ago) it was an estate sale. The furniture was still in it (not our taste at all) and the kitchen was a disaster (different post to come). However, in the downstairs family room there was this bench just sitting there. I told the estate manager that I wanted that bench, if the deal was to go thru that was to stay. I think he found it odd, but I just knew it had a place in our home.    So the bench stayed and has come in handy for parties and playdates for sure. Normally it's home is in the garage.  It's sturdy and pretty light weight. However, I have always hated the color. Here is a pic of it a few years ago with the kids and myself in it (forgot to take an actual pic of it before i painted it)

Kind of like a honey mustard color. Just ugly really.

So I have been inspired by painted furniture lately and bought some spray paint. We have had warm weather (with snow) over the past few days so it was perfect to paint it outside.  I let it dry over night and then just took some sand paper and roughed up the edges a little. At the foot of our bed was an old hopechest that I received for Christmas when i was a child (it's been everywhere with me - I keep my handbags in it). I moved that over to the sliding glass doors in our room that lead to the deck (for now) and put the bench in it's place!  I still think it might need a stencil or something. Just not sure yet.  So it's no longer a playdate/outdoor, kick around bench. It's now part of the master bedroom in our home. I love it!  What do you think?

Old hopechest that needs some TLC (another project for another day)

1st Project of 2011 - CHECK!


Dawn said…
I love the bench....I can see why you fell in love with it!
I think it looks great...perfect with your bedspread!

You have such a fun looking blog. I really admire those who teach their own children. I would never have survived (nor would they)!

Thanks for visiting me:)
The bench looks great! Stopping by from No Ordinary Blog Hop.
The Adventurer said…
Love what you did to the bench! I do not have the vision for old furniture:( wish I did it would me me lots of money as I am the type to throw it away and buy a new one:(. I need to change that. Thanks for joining the No ordinary blog hop:)
Love the bench. I'm a new follower through No Ordinary Blog Hop. http://ourhomeschoolreviews.blogspot.com/

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