A banner, wreath and window....VD LOVE

The kids love to craft (so does momma) so for school this week we made a VD Banner using our shapes as the focal point.  Cutting out triangles, circles, gluing and putting the pieces together like a puzzle...

Printed off some hearts on the computer

Cut our triangles from the burlap

Molly helping

Sorting by color

Laid out our banner once cut

Clips from Ikea

Assemble the banner

Cute craft for the kids to do....

Here are a few other things I worked on this week in preparation for Valentines Day!

Using an old door panel, removed glass and made a little LOVE Banner strung with Tule

My version of the Coffee Filter Wreath

Added a little winter love to it with a Felt Christmas Ornament in the middle.



That's a cute idea to make with the kiddos. Have a good day!
Jill said…
Cute banner - and a great project to do with the kids!

I love your coffee filter wreath too! Very effective!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success
Meg said…
OK, that's the cutest thing ever. Where are those clips at Ikea?!? I love it! Thanks for sharing!!
Jill said…
Super great idea! :-)
Have a wonderful night!
Jamie said…
Okay Melissa,that is funny I really thought you went from Florida and New YOrk.Jokes on me..I want to come and visit New York so badly.
I LOVE the ornament! I have it. I wish I had a dozen of them!
Jerri said…
I love the banner! Too cute!
Brandy said…
I love your decor! And I LOVE that the kids were able to help with it!

Allison said…
Such cute banners and wreath! Love that your kids helped out. Thanks so much for linking up!
Linda said…
Beautiful work.
JDaniel4's Mom said…
I love your banners.

Thank you so much for linking up to the Virtual Valentine's Day party. I hope you will have many party guests stop by.

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