Canning Jar Decorating and a {giveaway}.

So some of you might have seen that I am having my 1st giveaway of the new year (actually my 1st ever).  See here if you did not and to enter.

So here is what I have done with a few of them. Our homeschooling room (aka my dinning room) has a buffet that we use the top for our "immediate daily school supplies". I like to try to keep it as neat as possible and always am looking for ways to use the supplies in decoration type ways. Here is what I came up with this week for use of some of those old Ball Canning jars that i scored from Freecycle.

Nice and colorful. The jars cleaned up real nice and I love the the fact that they are glass tops!  

Don't forget to enter the giveaway!


Lisa said…
That looks neat. Love the canning jars.

Thanks for commenting with the party ideas. I'd already been scouring Dollar Tree for ideas. They're a great source of raw materials. :)

What theme are you going to go with for the 4 year old's party?
Aimee said…
Very cute! I love how colorful everything is and that's a great way to keep all those school things organized.
Jamie said…
Hey there,I got a little OCD and actually seperated all of the colored pencils by colors.It looks soooooooooooooooo cute.TRY IT
I also use some for the salt and in the bathroom I use one for Qtips and one for cotton balls.
I can go and go on and on.Bu tI will stopthere.
See ya later
melismama said…
Jamie, I want to see those pics! I love it when organization meets color!
Kristin said…
Love the jars!!!
Lindsay said…
oo these look super cute!! Very colorful!

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