It was a BIG Day for change..

Friday was a big day for change in our house. Our littlest one (Sammie, age 20 months) was so excited and watched out the window with anticipation as her new "big girl bed" arrived.  Sam is not a great sleeper and we are hoping that this helps. It is our last resort....

She was very excited!  So far, Friday and Saturday night, she did decent....slept for 5 hours on Friday without waking and calling for me....then last night (hubby was out of town in Atlantic City, so I was flying solo) she did not do as good...only slept for 2 hours before waking up.   Either way, she is not in our bed (she was showing signs of climbing out of bed so no other choice than to put her in with us until her bed arrived) anymore and on to bigger and better things!

Waiting with her big sister, Molly, for the Sears truck to arrive.

Here is the space her bed was going to go.

daddy bringing it in

"Jump" she kept saying....

Before her new duvet cover was on...but her animals were all snuggled already!

Showing you a picture of her "bubby" (AKA Grandma)

Bed all made up with her new duvet cover and sham (Thank you Bubby and Pottery Barn Kids), reading at night time.

Molly's bed...matchy matchy!

Close up of the pattern, LOVE IT...will bring the girls thru their pre-teen years for sure.

Reading together at far, pretty good!


Anonymous said…
oo yay for the big girl bed! I hope it gets better and better! We recently just got Sammy a My Tot Clock.. it changes colors when he is allowed to get up (from nap time and in the morning) and has helped us a bunch. He use to wake up at an hour before Tim and I and yell for us to let him out of his room (he has a door knob cover on since he can get out of the house.. and has). Since we got the clock we have been able to bump his time back to a more reasonable time to get up!
Rebecca said…
YEAH for big girl beds. My daughter never went to sleep easily as a little one...and still doesn't. However, it's getting better....she has always been an early riser. I've often wondered if some children truly have different sleep clocks and needs. My husband can survive on 4 hours/night. I can't....I think my little girl is like her Daddy. Blessings on a full night of sleep and congrats on this big step!

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