January - goals, menu planning, lesson plans - putting myself back on the list!

So if you are like me, I am ready for routine again.  Christmas decor is down (with the exception of my Winter decor...snowmen, snowflakes) and back into the attic. Cookies have all been eaten (1 piece of Juniors Cheesecake left in the refrig...don't touch it, it's mine!). 

Don't get me wrong, I loved cuddling and snuggling up with the hubby and kids...the snow...using our new quads...eating everything in site..being lazy...but I am SOO ready to get back into our HS routine and start new teachings.  The kids are ready too.  Back to our no TV rule during the day (sooo looking forward to this)!   Starting the new year off with some great craft projects in mind....redoing a bench for our bedroom....finishing a little touch up painting in our new hallway..back to menu planning (really got out of that habit last quarter of 2010, but need to tighten the budget again), coupon cutting etc.

One thing I do every Christmas and at birthday time...put away at least 4 presents per child into my "craft closet" so when we have a rainy day, or they are itching to "buy" something new...I let them "shop" in the closet. Funny thing is, they never even miss the toys I put away from under the tree. They are so into playing with just a few things for the 1st week, they are oblivious to my hiding the other things.

A few personal goals I am setting for myself.....less yelling and more patience with the kids. Organize my desk and keep it that way (real challenge, small space), menu plan each week using our weekly grocery ads better, eat healthier (so hard to do on a tight budget - but it can be done), put MYSELF back on the TO DO List (big one hard for me to do), continue with our giving spirit into the new year to others

What about you?

Homeschooling Lesson Plans for January

Children’s Devotional

Daily Journal Prompt

Hidden Pictures

History/Social Studies
·         State of the month – Washington
·         Climate in Washington – bird, tree, animal, what are they known for
·         Martin Luther King Jr Celebration
·         10 Top Snowiest cities in America 09/10
·         Blizzards – what are they?

·         Animal of the Month – Polar Bears
·         Winter Weather -  temperatures, reading a thermometer
·         Ice Crystal, Snowflakes, Freezing
·         How are snowflakes made?
·         Will it dissolve worksheet?
·         When snowing – snowflake pictures
·         Warm water vs. cold water – which freezes quicker

Language Arts
·         Letter of the Week – journals, crafts, practice
·         Stories about Snow and ice
·         Reading
o         Zachary read 1 easy reader each day
o         Mom to read 2 additional books each day (totally 30 mins)
o         Weekly trips to the library
Health & Safety
·         Eating Healthy
·         Stay warm in the cold weather
·         ATV Safety

·         Calculate snowfall
·         Record Weather temps
·         Measurements
·         Calendar – months & days

                Instrument playtime
                Dance & music time

Visual Arts
·         Snowflake Art
·         Snowman Art
Physical Ed
                Skiing at Mt Peter
                Primo Sports
Sign Language – letters of the week               


Lindsay said…
I too and so ready to get back into the swing of things! Sounds like some great goals for this month!
Emily said…
We're (well I am anyway) getting ready for school as well! Our Christmas decor is still up all over the place. I'm planning on taking things down through the week, saving our tree for Saturday.

Sounds like you have thing ready to go! :) Look forward to reading your schooling posts!

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