Linen Closet gets a make over....

In the spirit of the New Year I have been cleaning out...purging and just plain ol' throwing things away.  One of the hardest things to work with, in my opinion, is small closets!  Our linen closet is tiny. With a family of 5, 4 beds, abundance of towels, medicines etc....we really need something bigger, but for now, it will have to do.  Here is a before picture of our linen closet:

Took it all apart...found out we did not need toothpaste, shampoo, body wash for weeks!  So much for being a

Here is the after:

And here is what I was left with that was either outdated meds or things that just were not needed anymore.

Don't even ask me how all this stuff fit in there since it looks pretty full to get to the spice cabinet

What have you been organizing this new year?


Carmen said…
My Saturday Organizing project is the toys closet. ;)
Your linen closet looks nice. Way to go.
It looks great! My January project is the basement. It has become the catch-all for years now, and it really needs some work.
Lisa said…
I've been working on many areas, the basement being a top priority. It often becomes our catch-all and somehow, many outgrown toys hide out down there. At first, it was a little hard for me to purge (I like my stuff!) but after giving a bunch away, it felt great knowing that others will be able to use it.

And, since 2010 is now in the past, I'll be going through our files to collect paperwork for taxes, toss what is not needed and store the rest in our long-term storage box.
Kristen said…
I agree. Small closets are hard to organize, especially if they need to be home to lots of stuff. Great job!
Becky said…
I think you did great - and that getting your linen closet organized will help a lot! I just featured another linen closet recently. I'd love for you to stop by and check it out!

Becky B.
Organizing Made Fun
Great job! So funny that you have enough toiletries to last for weeks now! :)
Enjoy your organized closet. :)
Thanks for linking to my party!
Melissa Miller said…
It looks fantastic Melissa! :)

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