Melting Snowmen and Polar Bears

Our 1st week back to school has been pretty good. I expected complete break downs from the kids with the "regularly scheduled program" back in full swing (which means no TV, limited computer and video games).  So far, better than expected.   We started our unit on Polar Bears - such an interesting animal!  Also on Winter in general. Learning about measurement, calendars and this week - snowmen!  Here are a few highlights, so far...

We did these cute Polar Bear fact made them..I put different polar bear facts on them and we hung them up on our bulletin board 

Cute craft...pour glue on a piece of wax paper, put different items on a snowman would have melted.wait a few days for it to harden...cute craft (ours is not hard yet...)

what are you working on for HS this week?


We're just trying to get back into the swing of things this week too! My mom has been visiting still, so we've been doing books in the morning and fun stuff with her in the afternoons!
Kristin said…
We are still working back into it! Ha!
Been working on imperative sentences and counting by 7's...

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