PB Inspired Wall Print & Tutorial

I have been inspired by many talented bloggers that blog about design, home decorating and their projects.  I was inspired by the simplicity of Susan's blog post  (PB inspired pillows) at Home Road.  I want to make these pillows so bad. I went and bought the drop cloth from our local hardware store ($ 13.99 for a 4X 15 foot - soo much material).  

I was a little afraid of making the pillows just yet, as I wanted to practice first on something a little simpler.

I had this big spot on the wall in the dining room/school room and had an idea.  I took an old bulletin board (handmade by my mom years ago) decided to make a wall hanging with the process I will use on the pillows...check it out...

Finished product....see below for more picture on how I made this.

1st step - printed off the numbers on Microsoft Word, BIG. Then cut them out with my Exacto knife.

This is the old board...the kind with material and batting behind it. It had ribbon on it to hold pictures also. It is very well made (thanks mom).

Got out my drop cloth. 

Cut a piece big enough to cover the board and have some room to hot glue.  I also ironed all all the creases (as my mother reads this she is smiling, I hate to iron)

Taped down my handmade "stencils" (WHEN I make the pillows, I will use thicker paper so it's card like).

Used acrylic pant and used a small brush.  You can see how the flimsy paper did not work the best and the lines were shaky.  

Better view of the three not perfect by far.

Finished up the 1 and 2, easier and better.

Cut, hot glued the fabric to the bulletin board.  I also went back with a black Sharpie marker and fixed the numbers up a little. Worked great.

Whatcha think?

The only thing I would change is the paper I printed the numbers on. Using the heavier card stock paper for sure! 

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Caroline said…
you are up way too early doing this...I don't know how you find time to create, I can only do it when everyone is asleep or out of the house!

Looks great too me.
melismama said…
lol...sleep is optional Caroline...lol
Deb Donaldson said…
I am smiling...great job!!
melismama said…
Thanks mom! See I told you, you could post a comment! 8)
Amanda said…
This is so cute!
Anonymous said…
oo turned out super cute!! I got a little something in the mail yesterday :-) Will be posting about it next week!
This is really cute! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and becoming a follower! I'm going to go search around your blog as well... looks like we do have very similar taste!
Jamie said…
HOW CUTE AND EASY,I am thinking this would look cute for the schoolroom.dining room.
Meg said…
I think it looks great! You did a wonderful job! I really love paint pens...have you seen those? They sell them by the acrylic paints at craft stores. They help with small areas (like numbers) and they come water or oil based. Great stuff! You did a wonderful job...!
Allison said…
That looks fabulous! Such an easy project with big impact! Thanks for linking up!
turned out great...
I love that you practiced first before tackling the big project. You even made a mistake, learned from it, then fixed it...

Very creative and unique....

Take care,
I love that you practiced first before tackling the big project. You even made a mistake, learned from it, then fixed it...

Very creative and unique....

Take care,
This came out really cute! ~Lori
Amanda said…
I've put together a round up of PB inspired projects on Craft Gossip today and included your post. :) You can see it here

If you would like to share the Craft Gossip love and show your visitors you've been featured, you can grab a button here!
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