Playdoh and Polar at school today!

Woke up this morning to only 7 inches of snow, when they predicted a lot more. Oh well, take what we can get!  So NO SNOW day for us today, unlike the public schools in our town that had the day off due to snow.  We had a great day at school today!  

Started off with all three kids getting out all the Playdoh stuff we have!  That is A LOT!  They created all kinds of concoctions!  Had a great time and best of all did it together with no fighting! 

After lunch (and about 3 pounds of Playdoh pieces on the floor later)...we got down to our Polar Bear studies!

We have been studying these Sea Bears all month so far and will continue throughout the month.  It's amazing what we can all learn, when we do it together!

I found the most fantastic site for materials for FREE!
They have pictures, videos, games, print outs, tests and more!  LOVE IT!

We played a great Polar Bear board game that I printed off from the above mentioned site. Zachary also started reading his 1st ever real chapter book....The Magic Tree House - Polar Bears Past Bedtime.   I will be honest, I am not that familiar with The Magic Tree House Series, but so far (Chapter 1) seems great!

The bird whistle and purple bubble container were the kids' pieces they them from the junk

They really liked the game.

Great book, so far!

Our next task was to take the bucket that we put on our back deck and measure the snow fall from last night's storm.  We are in the middle of learning measurements for the 1st quarter 2011.  So much in that category to learn! 

Picture of our front yard...can't see the road...we have woods in the front leading down to the road...longish driveway. Nice out!

The lonely Home Depot Orange bucket sits and waits for us to measure it's contents!

Stick the ruler in...

TaDa...7 inches of snow fall (We are in southern NY state) last night. 

We recorded it in our January (Months folder) under the date and how many inches.   

So all in all a great day of school.....tomorrow and Friday we have friends from out of town coming to tomorrow morning and then off on Friday!  YEAH!

Whatcha up to today?


Anonymous said…
Sounds like a wonderful day at school! I wish we would get a good now here in VA.. seems to be missing us all around this year.. last year we had so much snow we didn't know what to do with it! That polar bear website was an awesome find!
musicalmary said…
I really love the Magic Treehouse Book. My six year old enjoys them so much, and my nine year old still loves to listen to them as well. Lots of great stuff out there about Polar Bears. Thx for the links!
Caroline said…
The whole magic tree house series is great! Liam is reading them now! We had a day of snow play, bread making with measurements, kneading etc. and reading as well, hope to see you Monday!
wow thats a lot of playdoh!

I read ypur site often. you make homeschooling look so easy and fun. You are a great homeschooling mom.
Carmen said…
Oh my heavens! I have never seen anyone have more play doh or play doh contraptions than me before! I think we both should by stock in the company. (giggle) Totally Awesome and it looks like a great day at school.

Love the measuring snow idea!
Wow all the snow is amazing! We are in a deep freeze here too! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Rebecca said…
I love how colorful your header is! And that ice cream play-doh looks so neat!
Ticia said…
That's an impressive amount of snow.
Pamela said…
I am cracking up at only 7inches...that would be massive for us! I love your blog layout so colorful! I will have to remember that site about polar bears for later, thanks for sharing!
Joette Solano said…
Hi there! We’d love to share your orange bucket photo on The Home Depot social media channels. If you grant us permission, we will cite you for photo credit. Let us know or email us at

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