Quick easy, no cost craft!

Inspired, as so many of us are, by design blogs...I have been seeing SO many easy, no cost crafts for our homes.  Sometimes just rearranging things can make a difference in how we see our rooms. Giving our brains something new to view and make our home rise up to meet us.  One of the crafts I did the other day was so easy it cost me nothing to do and looks great!

I took a frame off the wall (when I just did our hallway redo, see here) and had no plans to put it back up. It sat in our bedroom for weeks. I finally found a home for it, however it got an entire new look. It was one of those cheap, wooden frames that you fit three pictures in. You can hang vertical or horizontal.  I took all the pictures out, spray painted the wood frame with black paint (left over from the bench re-do I just did) put some burlap where the pictures were, hot glued some precut letters into the spots on top of the burlap, reframed and rehung in my kitchen.   WA LA!  Looks great and my kitchen has new art!

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Stacey said…
Ooo..I got a frame a while back that I've left empty until now. I think I might know what to do with it! ;)
melismama said…
HI stacey..so easy..I will be posting so many FREE crafts these coming weeks...just stuff we all have around the house!

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