Taming the Tornado - Boys Room

It;s Tuesday folks and that means Taming the Tornado time over at Daze of Adventure.  Jenn has put it all out there today...showing us what really happens in her boys room!  

I know i have some work to do this week in my son's room....lol....why not join us!

Taming the Tornado

Pictures of Zachary's room this morning....I won't have an after for a while...lol


Carmen said…
I just finished up the Kiddos Toys last week for one of my 52 Home Projects this year. A small lego collection was also organized. ;) Great Fun.
MommaHen said…
ha! That's nothing! You should see my boys' room!
musicalmary said…
I see a room where a little boy who LOVES Legos lives and can be totally creative. I don't think you need to tame anything! :-)
melismama said…
lol Mary...the taming comes in at the end of the day when clean up needs to happen....it's a struggle each day...lol..

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