Homeschool Journal # 3

The Homeschool Mother's Journal 

In my life this week...

Getting tired of the extra 30 pounds that I put back on after my last baby and tired of not doing anything about it (other than cutting back on calories, but does not see to be working) sigh

In our homeschool this week...rough start to the week. Kids seem out of sorts, but ending up on a good note.

This week was a busy one in addition to a snowy and icy one.  We were hit hard with a few storms here in Southern NY and the kids are going a little stir crazy in the house. (not to mention I am gong a little crazy)

Monday – we took the day off of school and I took the kids to Chucke E Cheese. We go a few times a year and I make sure that it’s not a public school holiday so the place is empty.  Felt like we won a prize to have the place to ourselves. For the 1st hour (only stayed 2) we were the only people there other than the employees!

Tuesday – Started off by making some YUMMO Chocolate Chip Cookies to celebrate the start of Chocolate Month (just another excuse to eat chocolate) ….Started in with our unit on Groundhogs, Pennsylvania and February calendar learning.  Made the cutest toilet paper roll valentine decorations.  Zachary really got into building a Lego car that ran on battery.

Wednesday – DH worked from home due to the ice storm and kids were busy as usual.  Made some yummy homemade turkey noddle soup with the remaining white meat turkey that I froze from our Thanksgiving bird.  Kids were a little “off” today for school, but we celebrated Groundhogs Day with crafts, worksheets (themed) and learned about shadows for Science.

Thursday – Started the week long teachings of Chinese New Year. Decorated a little, had a special snack and kids received the traditional red money envelope for Chinese New Year. Made these easy and cute paper lanterns with the kids and hung them up. Went over to our gym that has open playtime. Kids ran and ran and ran…thankfully got some energy out.  Wanted to eat with chopsticks for dinner but time away from me and I forgot. 8(

Friday – Zachary had his spelling test – aced it!  Did some bingo dot craft for V’day and more reading. The sun is out today!  Tried going back to the gym for playtime but they were cleaning the soccer fields and there were fumes, so we skipped it.

This weekend we are expecting another storm and unfortunately the belt on the big snowblower attachment for the tractor broke the other day so hubby will be shoveling (long driveway)..

Places we're going and people we're seeing... Went to Chuck E Cheese on Monday! We got out to the gym for open playtime on Thursday and tried again on Friday, but they were closed for some cleaning. Other than that, weather kept us home.

My favorite thing this week was...taking the kids to Chuck E Cheese on Monday as a treat.   Also, receiving the “prize” that I won from a blog contest.  Cup Cake Wrapper of the Month!  So cute. IF you are interested in these or other adorable wrappers, head on over to Yummy Cuppy Crafts  

What's working/not working for us...Working for us, shorter
“sitting” time at the table and more up and around time doing things, creating, crafts!

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have...thoughts – this week (beginning) was rough, almost wanted to throw in the towel, but God was faithful (as always) and the week ended up great for school.

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"Say What?" said…
We all have weeks like that. I kinda had one myself, with one sick little one on my hands. Here's to hoping next week is better!
Lindsay said…
OO we all for sure have weeks like this! Heres to a better next week! Sounds like Chucke E cheese was fun!
Jennifer said…
That sounds like a fun and busy week.
Holly said…
What a pretty blog-so colorful! I enjoyed your post. I'm in NY, too. Holly
We have weeks just like what you described. I go back and forth between absolutely loving our homeschool lifestyle and wondering why on earth I even bother! :) Fortunately, I love more often than not.

It is always especially hard when you're stuck at home more often than you're used too.

Saw you post about the Lego link-up. One of my big boys still love Legos. I'll see if he's interested in participating.

I just posted a giveaway on my blog to the Expo to Go- you may be interested in entering. Lot's of encourament there! Blessings! :)

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