Lego-Mania Linky Party - February Dates

My kids are ALL Lego Maniacs and love to create. We use them for school on a daily basis. I thought it would be fun to have a bi-weekly (every two weeks, right?) LEGO Linky Party to show off what the kids are making at home, in school, for fun!   

(This is the renewable energy project that Zachary submitted to the Lego Education Challenge for 2010. He did not win with his Solar Run Police Station, but loved the project)

February Lego-Mania Link Party dates:

 THEME - Red, valentine, Chocolate
{can choose any or just link up anything your child made}

Wednesday, February 9th 

 Wednesday, Feburary 23rd 

A linky will be up at midnight on those days for the party to begin!  Mark your calendars and let your friends know. 

You don't have to be a homeschooler to link up either.


Turkana said…
Oh wow, that is impressive!!!We have literally thousands of legos. My kids would love to do this. I hope I remember!! I will join up!

MomofAJ said…
Great build. We are huge Lego fans, we use them in school all the time. What a great idea to have a linky party.
Cool! I added your Lego Linky to my blog (if you would like to see) to remind myself of the upcoming parties!

KT said…
How fun!! I'll have to see if my son would like to give it a try!

Visiting you today from the Hop!
What a great idea! I'll try to remember this one!
Anonymous said…
WOW! Now THAT is talent!
Wow! Look at that!

Fun idea! My kids have just started getting into Legos. They love them too. We need to invest in some more so we can play along. :)
Emily said…
How exciting! I was telling my son about it today and he seemed quite interested. Can't wait to post pictures and see pictures!! :)
Janelle said…
{hopped over from the hip homeschool hop}
Love this idea - may have to let the kids have their legos back - they have been put away due to the lack of picking them up! Anyway, my boys would love this! Great idea!!

Happy Homeschooling!
RachelT said…
This looks like fun! I'm stopping by from the HHH.
Wow! What a wonderful project! My son LOVES Legos. I'll tell him to start creating a masterpiece to share for the link party! Fabulous idea!

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