My Favorite Things....Birthday Extravaganza Giveaway Week

You read it right birthday is coming up next week and I will have a weeks worth of Giveaways for you all to try to win!  I am excited to share my birthday with so many friends in blogland!  I will be turning 43 years young on the 22nd of February and can't wait to show you what i have for YOU all!  Don't forget to stop back starting the 21st to enter Monday's giveaway!

Isn't this little cupcake wrapper darling?!  It's from Yummy Cuppy Crafts. Kimberly at Yummy Cuppy Crafts does amazing work!  I won a 6 month Cup Cake Wrapper of the Month Club membership from her Etsy shop and I can't wait each month to open my package!  Stop on over and visit her....


Jamie said…
Can you go any bigger!!!I just was catching up on my Oprah show(behind the scenes)and it was the favorite things special(2 shows actually)

I need to know something,we are thinking of having another baby but I am scared that 10 years is a big difference.SO I noticed that your oldest is older than Zachary and the girls,was it hard for him when you had Zachary???
Sorry so personal.
Loves and Hugs and Many blessings
Jamie said…
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those wrappers are adorable! Happy Birthday Early!!!
melismama said…
Hi jamie - lol....might be able to go bigger...we will have to see!

Let's see Jeremy will be 23 this year and Zachary will be that is a big difference...and the girls are almost 4 and almost 2 so even having 21 yrs diff between my oldest and youngest is pretty big...(is that BIGGER for

The thing I want to say, is I prayed A LOT about it before I decided to expand my family (not to mention meeting a man, falling in love and there is a 10 year diff. with us he being the younger) saying that...I know now, that i am a better mom than I was to Jeremy....having more exp behind my belt (so to speak) and I am enjoying the younger ones more than I ever enjoyed (my own fault) Jeremy... All the kids love each other so much...Jeremy Adores his bro and sisters so much....hugs, kisses etc....and Jeremy's girlfriend adores them also!

Not sure if that helped...but pray about it for sure!
~Kimberly said…
Thanks so much for the feature! The cupcake candle in your cupcake is way cute!
Anonymous said…
Happy pre-birthday week, Melis! Can't wait to see whatcha got for next week!
Jamie said…
That helps a lot and that is a big age gap between Jeremy and Zachary and the girls.That is so sweet of him and his girlfriend to love them so much.Brotherly love!!!!!!!!

I pray all night and yesterday that is all I prayed about.I feel that I keep wanting another baby!!
I stopped my birth control(TMI)maybe that is the first thing((haha)lots of love and HappY EArlY BirthDaY
Anonymous said…
oo very fun!! Happy almost birthday :-)

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