Year of the Rabbit - Happy New Year

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone

Today starts the Year of the Rabbit 
 Here is what the kids woke up to today!

Paper Lanterns 

Red money envelopes and a wooden snake to color (could not find a rabbit)
I made these red firecrackers out of toilet paper rolls and tissue paper.

Our Scholastic Study on China and Chinese New Year

A library book we will read on Chinese New Year

Do you celebrate?


Jamie said…
Hey their Mama,you have once again over done yourself.How cute,the lanters are so cute.

I have a question was it hard having a twenty yr old then again with the 3 young ins?
I always wonder if i could handle it with Zachary being 10 now and is that to big af an age gap.As you can tell I have been thinking af babies,I always do.
Love and Blessings

PS Please send me your home address I lost the box(hubby thres it out)PLEASE
Jaderbomb said…
These are so cute!!!
Emily said…
Wow! You do such a great job! I am hardly that creative. We don't celebrate the Chinese New Year, but we love looking at the place mats at the Chinese restaurant that have the years and what animal goes with it. :)
Lindsay said…
How fun!! Have a good time celebrating!
Brandy said…
How fun!! My sister & her family live in San Francisco and her kids have the day off of school for Lunar New Year!

Robin said…
You are awesome! You make the rest of us look like slouches.. LOL
Allison said…
Very cute! Bet they loved it! Thanks for linking up.
What fun creating all those things. My kids would have had a blast!
Dawn said…
Thanks for stopping by!
You are amazing, all these cute Chinese NY things! I never thought of having a monthly animal, we might give that a try!
We are also having stir-fry for dinner but I'm afraid I don't have any chopsticks in the house.
I hope you plan on posting some pics with the chopsticks and eating or non-eating going on.
Such cute ideas!

Sandy Ang said…
Happy New year to you too ! I am over-eating and under-sleeping during this Rabbit year celebration. But I did find the time to make this
phasejumper said…
We do! I did red envelopes, too! I'm saving the lanterns for the Chinese lantern festival later this month. I'm now your newest follower!

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