Activity Bags - wonderful resource & a review

I had the pleasure of reviewing this great resource last week wanted to share with you all!  Have you heard of Activity Bags?   Well if you have not, then you have now!

 Activity Bags...where fun and education fit into the same bag!   Isn't that motto great!   I am reviewing the Preschool Activity Bag Book 2 in e-format here in this post. These are activities that you print off at home (so you can pick and choose what you want) and each activity is designed to fit into a large baggie.  I printed off two so far and Molly had a great time with them...

Fruity Puzzle Activity

I printed off the instruction sheet, fruit templates (2 of them). colored 1 of the puzzle templates and left one in a plastic sheet protector.  She had to match up the picture
(B and W) with the colored picture pieces.

This was the orange one. She was so proud of herself!

The banana and grape puzzle.

Apple one.  I did laminate the colored puzzle pieces before cutting them up so I can reuse as much as possible.

Alphabet and Number Match Activity

I used the same process for this. I laminated the Upper Case Letter set, cut it out, put into a small baggie. Then put the template into a sheet protector. What she is doing here is matching the capital letter piece with the coorestponding picture and letter on the template.  There is also a lower case one in this set too and numbers.

Each activity comes with directions (easy to read) and the company has set this up for use as a "swap". So you can swap activities with others in your co-op or group if you want to.

 They give you all the directions and list of supplies you need.  Very organized. I printed off the two I have used so far and put them in a binder all organized. I am hoping to print off more actvities soon!

Here is a great deal for my followers:

Sherri over at Activity Bags is giving my followers a promo code to use to get your own E-version of this great Preschool Activity Bag Set 2.

Use code PAB2Joy
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Isn't that great!   You will have this week to use this code.

Here is their site: Activity Bags

I like the fact that I can print off the activities at my own leasure and that I really did not have to scramble for supplies I needed with the list right in front of me!

Thank you Activity Bags for allowing me to review this item for you!  I am happy I did (and so are the kids!)


Anonymous said…
What fun activities! These would be great activities for out at a restaurant as well!
Heidi said…
These look like fun, hands on activities! Thanks for linking up to NOBH!
Lynda said…
Your daughter should be proud of herself, she did a great job. Thank you for sharing this. It really is a wonderful resource for moms with little ones.

Thank you also for linking up at NOBH. Have a blessed day.
Mary said…
Fun! This makes me wish I still had a preschooler.

Mary :)

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