Cat Teachings....with hats

Today's Dr. Seuss teachings were about Cats. We started our month long learning about Cats...all kinds of cats.  We used this book as our starting point and jumped off from is what we incorporated into our Cat In The Hat Comes Back teachings...

1st we Read the Book and talked about rhyming. (reading)

then got out our Cat Lapbook and talked all about cats and the different kinds of cats, characteristics

Preschool worksheets.....(writing and coloring)

Word search for my 1st grader (problem solving and reading)

Chapter 2 in our Lions at Lunchtime - He just loves this Magic Treehouse series and it goes
along with our cat theme! (reading & some geography)

Art time - Hats you know whose hat this is? 
Practicing our cutting on the lines...(art)

Molly loves to cut!

Then we talked more about different kinds of cats, their geographic locations, why they have spots or stripes, why their teeth are like they are, which cats like water and which don't love these!
(reading, science and geography)

Zachary reads a few paragraphs and then I read...they find the Fun Facts amazing...

Molly loves the pictures...even the ones of the cats eating other animals...

Also did a few pages in our Dr Seuss Workbook - rhyming page today...

Great Day with Cat in the Hat Comes Back...


JDaniel4's Mom said…
I love the discussion about teeth. You covered so many wonderful skills in these lessons.

Thanks for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.
Tracy said…
This looks like a great day and lesson! Thanks for sharing this post on NOBH! :)
Mary said…
What a great lapbook! I have those animal fact booklets- like four binders full!! Thanks for making me remember I have them!

I love your blog BTW!


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