Gardening Challenge - Homeschool Village & FREE Printables

We are excited to start out Planting/Gardening unit for April.  What better way to kick it off than to join in with The Homeschool Village with their Gardening Challenge!  

In addition, Homeschool Creations has an awesome Gardening Unit!  Check it out here!  This is for preschoolers - K I would say!  Great stuff everything you need for the entire unit!  FREE!

Here are the details straight from Homeschool Village.....

Gardening offers a priceless opportunity to work together on a fun family project, and share thoughts and ideas as you build your own special place of beauty and memories.” ~ Amanda Bennett
We are encouraging our community to garden by joining The HSV Garden Challenge! Even if you have one tomato plant on your back porch, herbs in your window sill, or acres for potatoes … share your plan, planting, cultivating, and harvest photos with us throughout  the months of March, April, May & June — and you will be entered to win a $20 visa card to use at your local grocery store!
To participate:
  1. Join us and share once per month March 31st, April 28st, May 26th, and June 30th - sharing your latest garden update .  Include: 1 current photo, progress, lessons/resources being used, and homeschooler’s reaction / involvement! 
I encourage all my blogging homeschooling friends (and those who just love a good challenge) to participate!  With Earth Day coming up next month and Spring...what better way to teach!


Amanda said…
We just used an egg tray from our 5 dozen eggs we bought to plant seeds!!! It's still raining bad here and flooding the garden, so I started 30 seeds indoors and will be starting more in ice cube trays!! Tomatoes, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, and more to come. I will be posting with a picture soon, then will link to you!
melismama said…
Excellent Amanda. I just saved an egg carton also for this same thing!
Our kids love to garden at our house too! We're looking forward to a vegetable garden this year! :)
Teri said…
Melissa...your blog is darling! Cheerful, upbeat, informative...and sincere! I LOVE that ! I found you on HHH! Have a great day!..and I will be back! ;0)
MissMOE said…
This sounds like lots of fun. I think we'll be joining in. We already have seeds started and even have planted a few things in the garden just to see if they would survive!
Tracy said…
This looks like so much fun! My two older kids are in a junior master gardener class once a week for homeschoolers at our local arboreteum (spelling?) and they love it! Can't wait for sunny spring weather's cold and rainy right now :( Thanks for linking up to NOBH again!
Lovingmama said…
I'd love to join - but don't have her URL would you be able to help? Thanks! We are huge on gardening with kids and blog every Saturday about gardening! Amanda

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