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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Happy 107th Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Here is what the kids woke up to today!

Happy 107th Birthday to the famous Dr. Seuss!  We are celebrating all month and kicked off our Seuss month with "And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street'. 

This is a book that Dr. Seuss 1st wrote and it was about the street he grew up on. The kids were cracking up at this book....After reading it we went to Google Earth and found Mulberry Street in Springfield, MA and looked around a bit. Incorporating our computer skills, maps and geography into this book! 

The kids thought this was so cool. Of course we had to find our house next and then my laptop died 8(   I am using the kids PC to post this and will be shopping for a new  one this weekend (looking for recommendations folks)

PBS IS showing new eposides of "The Cat In The Hat Knows A lot About that" This morning so they will be watching also!

We will be going to Michael's Craft store today to participate in a Dr Seuss Make N Take Craft. The kids can make Seuss Bookmarks (FREE EVENT). 

Molly made a Cat In the Hat house complete with the hat on the top.

We also started our new Science unit on BONES.  Again, the kids were loving this. 

Are you celebrating Dr Seuss this month?

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Rebecca said…
WOW! What a fun way to celebrate! I LOVE following your help me remember to keep it fun! I saw a comment you left on Home With Purpose about baking your own bread! That is so great. I am a HUGE advocate for freshly ground/baked bread! Do you have a grinder...and a great place to purchase your wheat? OH, the beauty in the nutritional value of grinding/ is amazing! Blessings and can't wait to hear about your bread adventures. I post quite often about it on my site...let me know if I can help you any.

Hi Love it Melissa! Check out my library website
(attached to I am doing Dr. Seuss this week as well. You did a great job with your kids!
Emily said…
Melis, you are so awesome! Your kids look like they love school and you're always doing such fun creative things for them. I need to take some lessons. . . :)

@ Rebecca, do you recommend buying wheat local or do you buy over the internet? My husband and I have been talking about buying wheat for planting and grinding, etc.
melismama said…
Rebecca, thanks for stopping by today! I really dont make my own bread from scratch. I received a bread maker for my b'day and tried Cinnimon Buns, that's it so far.

Susan, I checked out that site, love it and now am a follower of it! Thanks.

Emily - thanks for the kind words. I just try to make learning as far as possible, so they WANT to learn! We have many Dr Seuss teachings coming up the entire month! Check back!
Sarah said…
Looks like a lot of fun! Love the table display.
The Adventurer said…
You did such a great job with the theme:) I just couldn't work up the creativity this time around maybe next year I can steal, I mean borrow some of your ideas:)
phasejumper said…
Love your centerpiece and use of google maps. We are celebrating today, for sure! We're watching the same show as you, flying a kite in the house, reading books, playing games on Suessville(dot)com and eating thing one and thing two cupcakes. I'll post about it tomorrow.
Jamie said…
Once again you DID IT!!!!How cute are those hats!!!!Zachary had asked earlier this morning If it is the birthday BC it has been on for a while.Have a great day.
Pyratess said…
AWESOME!!!! Looks like so much fun!!!
Yara said…
You said new laptop, and I had to comment right away. I am going to say you need an apple. I had the regular macbook for just shy of 3 years, and it was wonderful. You'll get an educator discount (you might have to prove you're a teacher, but last time we bought a computer, my kids just said "Yeah, we homeschool. She's our teacher." and that was good enough for that store)
I also always buy Apple Care, which gets you a couple extra yeas of warranty. If there is ever a problem, we take it in & they fix it. Or, the last time I took in my laptop, they didn't fix it. Something was wrong & they couldn't figure it out. So they gave me a new laptop instead. It ended up being a Macbook Pro, which I'd been hoping I could save up to buy for myself anyway. I liked the price of free (technically I paid a couple hundred 3 years ago for apple care).
Not only can my kids use these easily (8, 5, 2) but they are really well worth it. I've yet to meet someone who drinks the Apple-juice & then regrets it. I know a lot of people who go through a lot of PCs, though. I used to be one of them. The previous 3 years we must have gone through 3 pcs!
Yara said…
I hadn't planned on celebrating Dr Seuss' birthday. Somehow, I woke up very early this morning (by 7- we aren't usually early risers). I am going to look for our Cat in the Hat hat & bow tie & gloves, and let the kids dress up. Make green eggs & ham for breakfast. Then take the kids in to Michaels for the free craft.
This is just the boost I needed this morning; thanks! : )
(I was thinking when I woke up, since I have no where to go, why should I even change out of my pajamas?)
Lindsay said…
What a fun way to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday! I love that you checked out Mulberry street!
Tracy said…
Hi Melissa!
I had no plans to celebrate Dr. Seuss today, but after reading your post I was inspired. We actually had Mulberry St. book in our Dr. Seuss collection and we just read it! Cute story. Then I went on the computer to look for links about Mulberry St. and I found this link here that you may not have come across yet:

The link has still shots and then toward the bottom is a video from 2007 of the street with some history about it! It is about 6 minutes long and my kids enjoyed it!
So I'm wondering if the yellow house they showed that had a fire was Dr. Seuss' house??
Anyway, thanks for the inspiration and I hope you enjoy the link :)
Tracy said…
Obviously, I don't know much about Dr. Seuss because looking at the link I gave you, it never said Dr. Seuss lived on Mulberry St., but he was born in Springfield, MA ?
Kathy said…
wow! very impressive! Honestly, I think you did more for Dr. Suess's birthday than I did for my kids' birthdays last year:)
What a fun lesson! I think my youngest would just love that.

Thanks for stopping by! Good to be connected with you.
melismama said…
Makes me smile that some of you decided to "go with it" for the dr Seuss theme today! Anything to make the kids love learning, right! We did go to Michael's today make the bookmarks! i will blog about it later....we had a fun suess day! Tomorrow the topic is "The Foot Book"....we will be measuring things using our feet, I will be hiding cut out feet around the house, of course reading the book and a craft!

Enjoy the day everyone!
Mommy of 3 said…
I love the table center piece and of course the balloons. How fun! What a great way to celebrate.

I saw where a young friend of mine was said on Facebook that she made green eggs and ham for breakfast! I love Dr. Seuss, it looks like fun at your house.

I really admire you for the homeschooling. I would never have had the patience as much as I enjoyed my kids. Homework was enough "teaching" for me.

Thanks for visiting me!
SnoopyGirl said…
Such great ideas. Love your centerpiece too.
JDaniel4's Mom said…
I love that you found the street on the computer. What a great way to use Google Maps.

Thanks for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

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