Happy Monday & A reminder & A Thank You

It's Monday and I a determined to get this week back on schedule for us!  Happy day to you all....if you are reading this post it means you got out of bed and at least got over to your computer!  That's a great 1st step to the day, but how about Thanking the Good Lord for it!  Be cheerful, thankful, grateful and faithful! 

I wanted to publicly thank all my blog friends who left nice comments, and who are praying for our family. Those prayers are felt and I love you all for them!

Also I wanted to remind the "kiddies" out there to get those Lego Creations going!  This Wednesday is another Lego Mania Linky Party!  All you have to do mommas is take a picture of the latest and greatest creations and link up on Wednesday!  We are having a lot of fun with it!

Whatever comes your way today....be thankful!


musicalmary said…
Hi Melissa! We are going to do your Lego Linky tomorrow... nothing fancy, but the Legos have been out a lot the past week and my little guy has been creating! We have a field trip in the morning, but I will link up when we get home. Fun fun!!

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