Here we go go go go on an adventure....

To celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday today we went on an adventure....the truck was the Thingamajigger (for those of you not up on your current Cat In The Hat, he is back and on PBS in the mornings - the Thingamajigger is what he flies in)...we went on an adventure today! (3/2/11)

First stop of the day Michael's Craft store for a Dr Seuss Bookmark making craft!  Kids had a nice time and made two bookmarks each!

Then over to Homegoods - we thought these were "Seuss Like" loved them!
Momma found a few great finds on clearance, but that's for another blog post!

He wanted some love so bad. At one point he turned around and spread his wings up against the cage for me to give him a little rubbin'.  Almost took him home 8)

Then over to Petco where we reminded of the Dr Seuss Book - "Are You My Mother?" we talked about it and laughed when we saw some younger, possibly babies in the little nest basket.

The children were so good on all our stops today, I surprised them with a visit to a local McDonalds that has an indoor playland!  We have not been here in almost 2 years so it was a real treat! They were sooo happy!  Even Sammie, who is not even 2, climbed all the way up to the top and was slidding down.

We ate in the "Birthday Room" with all the character chairs - after all it is Dr. Seuss' birthday!

When we got home, we watch a new movie I found on Ebay - Cute movie! 

Then some sit down work while Sam napped. This is a great flip chart I found for Molly. This one is counting activities. I also have one with colors and blending colors. You can write on them with dry erase markers too.

I made up Dr Seuss workbooks for each of the kids from print outs I found at Enough pages to last the month!

All in all a great sunny day!


Robin said…
Looks like you had a great day of fun! Happy birthday, Dr. Suess! Bip has had a stomach virus since Tuesday night, so I've been preoccupied, and our "fun" week has been anything but :(
Jamie said…
I am amazed once again,I miss these cute little activites,Zachary is growing out of it.
It looks like you all had one fun0filled day.
What a fun day! The workbook looks great I will have to check out the site. My boys are begging for a bird!!
phasejumper said…
Looks like a GREAT day!
Lindsay said…
What a fun day! Glad you guys had so much fun! I love the workbooks you created!
Sarah said…
Looks like a fun day!
What a Seuss filled day. We are going to a Dr. Seuss party tonight at the library. Can't wait to post pics of it. I love your blog. So colorful and fun. We will be reading Dr. Seuss books too. My 7 year old is finally able to read them to me (with some help of course). I can't even read some of the words. LOL
Mommy of 3 said…
What a super fun day! I love the flip book. Also, I love the book you made with the printouts. Did you bind it yourself? I was thinking of investing in one. Great pictures! Have a wonderful day.
Sounds like fun! We loved Dr. Seuss when the kids were younger. I can't wait to get our books out of storage and read through them once again.

Sorry for not stopping by for your Lego day-- it seems that my boys have decided they are too old after all to participate. Unless it would be with the new architectural lego sets. lol

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