Lego Mania Linky Party #3

It's that time again....time for the
Lego Mania Linky Party #3

What have your kids been up to?  Creating up a storm?  I know my kids are always creating
with their is what they worked on last week.

Sorry about the evil's so hard to get him to smile and look at the camera without closing his eyes..this was his attempt...LOL...

It's A Lego St. Patrick's Day Sign!

This is Molly's Cat In The Hat House...notice the Cat in the Hat's Hat on the top...

They always have fun...
Your on up and enjoy!


musicalmary said…
Melissa, I am going to show this to my little guy (who is so sick today). Maybe it will inspire him to create something with me today to lift his spirits. Great linky idea!!
Anonymous said…
Great job they both did!!
Anonymous said…
Great creations!

Off topic, but I just saw you are going to Relevant! How cool!

I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful pin. I <3 mail that doesn't require to be returned with a check attached ;)
Thanks for stopping by Our Journey! I'm glad you like "Peep". :o) I am really loving that color right now.

I've taken some time to check out your blog ... wow, you do some GREAT activities with your kiddo's! LOVE the rabbit pillow cover you were able to purchase on Etsy!

I'm your newest follower,

Tracy said…
I love the LEGO sign creation and the Dr. Seuss one is great too! I hope to link up my kid's LEGO Quest Challenge designs to your post! The current challenge is to make your favorite food out of LEGO :p
GREAT creations! Cat in the Hat is awesome! I linked up what we had this week, but the sickies have invaded us (again). Not much Lego building on on.

The Adventurer said…
Your kids did a great job creating with legos! Thanks for linking up to NOBH and your continue support:)
Michele said…
Very cool! I love both of their creations!
Tracy said…
I just linked up my LEGO post under "A Slice of Smith Life". Thanks for hosting the fun LEGO party! :)
Mommy of 3 said…
Hi Melissa,

I just linked up. The kids were so excited! I love your kids creations! They are amazing!
melismama said…
Thanks everyone for linking up! Peace to your weekend! Praying for great weather for everyone!

Mary - hope your little one feels better!

Jaime - WELCOME!

Jessy - hope everyone feels better soon!

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