Mr. Brown and the school lesson today

Happy Monday everyone. Continuing with our Celebration of all things Seuss...we studied Mr. Brown Can Moo....Can You?  This book was so much fun and the kids laughed a lot when reading it.  Today I had Zachary read it to us, since Samantha was on my lap instead of napping...more on that later...

We have two copies of this...the larger version which he read from....

and the smaller version which everyone is used to. So Molly followed along.

Gotta notice the Lego's to his left, always have to have them for
Don't forget about the Lego Linky Party on Wednesday!

Molly worked on her Dr Seuss ABC cards today, tracing them. Got these at Michaels
with a coupon for $ 3.00

For Math we did this cool Mr. Brown can Moo dice game. I laminated this chart from
2 Teaching Mommies. It has 6 of the different pictures from the book with the numbers up the side...and you have this dice that you put together.

Which has the sounds that coordinate with the pictures... (don't notice the nail polish please..)

They took turns rolling it and charting what sound came up on the dice and marked it off. Once we got to 10 we had a winner!  The sound they rolled the most was the Clock - Tick Tock....

Then we worked on our Dr. Seuss Scholastic Lesson. I love these becuase they come with the student handout and the teacher poster size handout!   I can't say enough about this Scholastic program. We get 3 handouts per month with teacher lesson plans with them and they coordinate with holidays and history.  Cost is less than $ 20 per year!

After that Molly worked on her Dr Seuss Workbook I made up and she worked on
 the Mr. Brown pages.

Downer 8( - after lunch I took them all to the Dr.s on my hunch that Molly and Sam might have ear infections. Both have had runny noses for over a week and today both were very cranky!  Yupper, both have them. Started them on antibotics today 8(


Lindsay said…
What a fun lesson on the Mr. Brown.. we love that book!
The Adventurer said…
Yuck 2 ear infections, so sorry. HOpe they recover soon. We have the Mr Brown book and my kids love it. Thanks for linking up to NOBH
Two ear infections! Sorry about that. We are finally on the mend around here after a week of the flu. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.
Robin said…
Aww... hope you all feel better soon! We've been sick here, too. Be glad when it's summer!
Renee Ann said…
I've always loved that book. What a great lesson!
Heidi said…
Oh the wonderful sounds Mr. Brown can do, he can sound like a cow, he can go moo-moo! We love that book! You have some great activities to go along with it. Stopping in from the hop!
JDaniel4's Mom said…
The sounds die is such a great idea!

Thanks for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.
jess_hak said…
This is one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books. Sad about the ear infections. Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!
Shannon said…
How cute! (And I didn't notice your nail polish until you mentioned it - haha!)

Hope your kiddos are healthy soon.

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