My crafty weekend...

Took some time out for ME this weekend and got some crafting done....A few projects that I had in the back of my head and some that I had started already...

I am making the decorations for Molly's 4th Birthday. It's April 5th and she choose a ballerina theme. Everything will be pink, white and fun!

I made two of these cuties by painting and then sanding two little pots and using a styromphome ball inside and hot gluing these soap roses (Dollar Tree) to the ball.  They will go on the table. Cute huh!

I made this baby using a styrphome cone, wrapped it in satin ribbon, made a follwer ball at the top with coffee filters and used some tule ribbon.

I made a few of these using tissue paper and a pipe cleaner.  They are HUGE! I will hang them up frm the ceiling I think.  Dollar Tree for all supplies!

Easter Table Runner

Burlap 5 foot runner which I stenciled a bunny on it with my new favorite paint...Once it dires it will be a little less light in color and look older. (Burlap $ 3, paint $ 1)

Here is how I did this...

On line, found this cute bunny print, cute it out..

Measured my burlap and then frayed the end a little by taking out some threads.

Laid my stencil on and taped it

Used a sponge and this paint. (Same one I used for my Pottery Barn Egg Picture Project, see it here.)

Painted it and let it dry!

I have a lot of Easter decorations that will cute on this runner....

What did you do this weekend?

Dont forget about the Lego Mania Linky Party on Wednesday!

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Lynda said…
What great projects. The flowers look so dainty and precious. Thank you for sharing your crafty weekend projects.
The Adventurer said…
You are very creative I can't even get tissue paper flowers to look like flowers:(. I love seeing your creations. Thanks for linking up to NOBH
Lindsay said…
Cute!! Love them all! The bunny is my favorite though :-)
Jacqueline said…
making those tissue flowers are a lot of fun!
Krafty Kat said…
So sweet! Love that blue bunny on the burlap! Thanks for linking up!

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